Teen Titans #22 Review

Written by Adam Glass
Art by Bernard Chang
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo

Adam Glass’ focus this issue is on the fallout after Roundhouse’s death last issue and how the different members of the team deal with the loss of a team member but there is also quite a lot of other story elements packed into the issue. Just like Lobo’s daughter Crush, it is very hard to get emotional about what happened last issue since we, as the reader, did not have sufficient time to invest in Roundhouse and Glass may be aware of this so it plays with that idea as a necessary contrast to the emotions felt by Wallace West.

While Damian may be the leader in name it is Emiko who takes charge this issue in attempting to turn the newly formed squad into a more cohesive unit by trying to get them to work as a team in battle rather than simply trying to take out the threat with their individual powers. To this observer it seems Glass wants to make it very clear that Emiko will be the mentor of the team and Damian will keep his distance and only assert his authority because he is way too busy with his little jailhouse side project. We actually find out that a member of the Bat family is helping him with his questionable actions, but I won’t spoil by saying who it is. Suffice to say it is relatively easy to figure out which member would be willing to help Damian in such a way with a bit of deduction and reasoning.

Another nice part of the story is that Glass also teases a potential romantic triangle of tension between Damian, Djinn and Emiko. It’s not done in a tired way either, but is teased ever so slightly so that if you recall previous events between Damian and Emiko in Teen Titans you will smile as you read the exchanges between Emiko and Crush about team romances about they don’t work.

Bernard Chang’s art this issue is predictably just as good as his previous issues, and it is quite comforting to know just exactly what you are going to get from a comic art-wise. It seems that Marcelo Maiolo and Chang have gotten into quite a groove together as Maiolo’s color work is a joy to view. There is nothing but admiration for his palette choices from this observer. His work on close up art really does shine and it is something I look forward to with each issue I review.

There is also another stellar variant cover from Alex Garner that will accompany Nick Derrington’s on the stands and if you put it side by side with Garner’s last issue’s variant (if you can find one in stock) they will complement each other extremely well. DC is building quite the stable of variant cover specialists that can produce those wow reactions that get on the fence readers to stump up some cash for an issue purely because the variant speaks to their heart and soul.

While we are still waiting for all the gears to click into place with this title, the ride so far is enjoyable and paved with good intentions and is worth the cost right now.

7.5 out of 10

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