Mister Miracle #11 Review

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mitch Gerads

Issue number eleven of Mister Miracle is the penultimate issue of the series. Tom King and Mitch Gerads haven’t disappointed one bit on this series, and this issue may be the best in the series. Mister Miracle #11 was a serious issue filled with confrontation and action, but still managed to stay fun and satisfying.

Scott Free and Big Barda know how to take care of business, and it was on full display in this issue. The plan was to double cross Darkseid all along, but they still had to show Darkseid that giving up their child was hard for them. The issue is cranked up another notch when Scott and Barda reveal that they have no intentions of giving up their son to him. Barda unleashes a weapon on Darkseid that is supposed to subdue him, but Darkseid shakes it off and takes down Barda. Darkseid then sets his sights on Scott and disposes of him as well. Tom King and Mitch Gerads show how brutal and vicious Darkseid can be in this sequence. He shows no mercy towards Scott or Barda and doesn’t care that Scott has his son in his hands while beating him into submission. It’s after this beating that King and Gerads show the resilience of Scott and Barda and why these two are the best couple in the DC universe.

Scott and Barda prove once again they can overcome anything when they’re on the same page. All seems lost at the end, but then it all changes when Barda says, “Stand.”, Scott replies, “Standing.”, and Darkseid never saw what was coming. From the very first issue, the bond between these two cannot be denied, and their connection is at its best when the situation is at its worst. King knows what motivated these two, and Gerads brings all together with his fantastic art and wonderful facial expressions.

This was a big issue, but still managed not to take itself too seriously. From the hassle of gathering everything together for Jacob to having Darkseid eat from a veggie tray, King makes sure this issue is still fun. This is a big issue for Scott, his family, and the war, but King still keeps a little light throughout the issue. Little Jacob with his adorable baby talk and potty mouth helped keep the issue light. And why wouldn’t he have a potty mouth, when his mother and father cursed repeatedly throughout the issue.

I know this series is coming to a close, but King and Gerads aren’t leaving anything on the table. I have been waiting for this showdown with Darkseid since this series began, and I was blown away. It’s the ending that left me looking crazy, so I’ll be curious to see how they close it out with the next issue. For those invested in the series, you will not be disappointed. For those that haven’t jumped on yet, you’re crazy, but buy those trades soon as they drop because this series is one to remember.

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