Supergirl #22 Review

Written by Marc Andreyko
Pencils by Kevin Maguire
Inks by Sean Parsons
Colored by FCO Plascencia

In issue #22 Kara continues her quest through space to find out some real answers about the destruction of Krypton, if what Rogul Zaar said was true, and if there’s an even greater mystery to be discovered. This journey brings Kara and her trusty companion Krypto the superdog to the living planet Mogo, the home of the intergalactic space cops known as the Green Lantern Corps. It’s here that Kara runs into her friends Jon Stewart and Kyle Rayner, but as the story unfolds we find out that the axe of Rogul Zaar that Kara now carries with her, has more secrets and destructive powers than we knew before.

Once again the artwork throughout this story has the same charm and beauty that I enjoyed so much in issue #21, the emotional spectrum of feelings seen on the faces of Kara and Krypto are all drawn so well and the artwork does a great job at telling its own story by giving us clues of what Kara is really thinking as she searches Mogo for answers.

Seeing Kara’s new solar suit from different angles also makes me like and appreciate it even more, and I’m really excited to see that she also has different styles for different mission types, as we see Supergirl dawning another brand new suit, her red and black stealth suit, which at first I wasn’t sure about but I actually did end up liking it a lot, proving that sometimes changes is good and that it’s even better to just have more options and switch around your style for whatever the situation calls for.

Story, progress wise, I felt like this issue was a very small stepping stone forward, as it felt like we didn’t go much further or learn too much new information about the greater quest at hand. Although the ending of this issue did reveal a great deal to Kara, but for us the reader having seen some of these events play out from our perspective, not a lot of new details were revealed.

My favorite part of this issue was Kara’s inner dialogue with herself, as she wasn’t being too forward with all the information about her mission to the Green Lanterns, knowing that telling too much could mean she’s giving info to someone who may have played a role in her planets destruction. So as she talked to them, we read what Kara truly thought and felt, and I liked getting that insight into Kara’s state of mind. Also I’m intrigued by Rogul Zaar’s axe, and what Supergirl might do with it.

Overall I like where the story is going, and I also want to find more answers myself about the mysterious Circle Cabal, the secrets of Rogal Zaar’s axe, and who else played a hand in Krypton’s destruction. I think the artwork in this issue is very beautiful and I’m also very curious to see if Kara brought along any other cute, cool, new suits with her on this cosmic space quest.

I give Supergirl a 7 out of 10

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