New World #3

Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colors: Heather Moore

Stella and Kirby manage to get her implant out and now she is free from the watchful eye of her grandfather. All is well right, not so fast Kirby and Stella are still wanted fugitives and with the help of Kirby’s dad they are all gonna take a long vacation. Grandfather however has different plans for the trio. Whatever the situation, Stella ain’t leaving without her damn cat.

Kot manages a slow build in this issue. It starts out pretty slow as far as pace of the story but then it gets kicked into high gear about halfway through, so the slow build was necessary for the reader to enjoy the overall scope of the story. The writing could be something out of a top notch action summer blockbuster coming to a theatre near you. It’s not too wordy so you don’t get bogged down with having to down a triple espresso just to get to the next panel. There is not a lot of character development or changes in this issue. For the most part the characters play their respective roles and the result is a fine laid out story that does its job of carrying the reader on an escape for a few minutes.

Moore’s art once again stands out in this issue. I felt it didn’t have that kinda anime feel to it like last issue, and it fell more along the lines of the look it had in the first issue. Either way the art looks amazing. Pops of color set it off as well as the backgrounds that explode with unique looks and shapes and features. I really like Heather Moore’s use of different colors to show the emotions of the characters in a couple of panels. It really compliments the art and the theme of the story at that point. It’s a beautiful marriage.

We have two more issues to go, boys and girls, and I for one can’t wait to see what this talented creative team comes up with next.

8 out of 10

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