Lowlifes # 4

Writer: Brian Buccellato
Artist: Alexis Sentenac

Grand is closing in on the people that took Wendall’s money, but Mendes, Brand’s partner, is feeling the pressure, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before Wendall catches up with her and makes her pay for stealing from him.

This issue brought back the intensity I felt off the pages of issue one. Buccellato steps on the gas in this story and doesn’t let up for much. The rawness and realness of the story is consistent from the first panel as it has been from the start of this series. I’m not sure Grand can go much further down this rabbit hole he’s dug for himself, and I already envision a showdown between partners with guns drawn at the ready and the obligatory what do we do now stare down will come soon. Also Buccellato has almost taken away Grand’s morality at this point, not so much as collecting money for Wendell but in areas you didn’t think his character would go. Yeah he was and is a dirty cop, but he was not a truly evil guy until his wife’s attack and then well all bets were off. Now we are gonna see just how far Grand will push himself to see “justice” for his wife. All these characters continue to deliver high marks as far as their personality and how they develop more and more with each issue.

Sentenac’s art just gets better and better every time I read this series. It’s like watching a panels straight out of a Tarantino film. The raw emotions of these characters is not only evident in the art in the page, but you can’t help but be affected when you see those emotions come out in the panels. Sure it looks gritty, but that’s what makes it great. It’s not polished up all nice like a cape story and it doesn’t and shouldn’t be. These characters are down in the trenches so to speak of the underworld and they need to look the way they do to bring legitimacy to the story which it does wholeheartedly.

Suspense is building as we get closer and closer to outcome of this search for perceived justice, and I have no doubt this creative team will continue to deliver in spades.

9 out of 10

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