Farmhand #3

Writer: Rob Guillory
Artist: Rob Guillory
Colors: Taylor Wells

Riley is adjusting to his new school very well, he’s even made a new friend (a murder face friend) but friend none the less. Him and Abby are even helping out at the farm. Meanwhile Zeke is trying to mend old fences with old friends. All that compares little to what happens when man’s best friend mixes with Jed’s science experiment. Oh the drama is unfolding indeed.

This is probably the most humor filled issue so far that Guillory has delivered. He uses the kid’s interaction with not only their environment but with the adults as well to weave a very entertaining humorous storyline that has a great flow to it. Sprinkled with a bit of drama and action and the story delivers aces all around. We also find out a bit more about the relationship between Jed and Tree, his old time friend. This is a great character development for both of them and lends a great little background angle to the story. It seems that Guillory is slowly but surely building and building to an eventual showdown with Zeke and Jed, but he’s filling in the space between then and now very nicely. It will be interesting how he uses the kids in that instance knowing the bond they have with their dad but with their grandpa as well. Whatever way Guillory decides to take the story, I have every confidence it will be great as it has been since issue one.

Guillory also shines once again on the art in this issue as well. The look of these characters, as I’ve said before in earlier reviews, really stands out from any other title out there right now. I know that is stating the obvious but I just really really think that if any other artist was working on this title it wouldn’t look as good as it does. Wells of course compliments Guillory with the color work. It’s a dark story in places, but the color schemes don’t make it appear so. It gives it a kinda lightness that takes away any doom and gloom and keeps the lightheartedness that is part of the overall theme.

The story is building to something very big and the art is consistently great to look at and compliments the story perfectly. Whatever the outcome this series delivers time and time again.

8.5 out of 10

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