Unnatural #3 Review

Created by Mirka Andolfo
Colors Assistant Gianluca Papi
Letters by Fabio Amelia

Just when you thought this series was going to be about a forbidden love or a quirky cute pig girl, you guessed wrong. Issue number three takes a dramatic turn very quickly and ends with a heavy jaw dropper.

Mirka Andolfo has made Leslie a character you really want to root for. As she is going through the reproduction program testing, others are full of judgement as they comment on her overall appearance. Giving the opinion that she is not up to par. In a society today that has had its fair share of shaming others for their appearances as well, I found myself feeling bad for Leslie and wanting at least one person to say she was good enough.

The supporting cast is also a force worth rooting for as Trish is still on the hunt for answers after she learned of an old “fairy tale” about a pig with blue hair and a wolf, fixated on the possibility it may be connected to Leslie. Her investigation led her to the author of a book that spoke about an ancient civilization but warned Trish that his research came with a string of bad luck.

Andolfo did make this book take a surprising turn when Leslie’s date began to fall through. Jones, her date, ended up not being her real date after all and in fact set up the entire thing, for what seems like a creepy cult ceremony. Robes and all, blood was spilt, and Leslie has no recollection of what happened after. With the consequences of bailing on the reproduction program coming into full effect, Leslie is also given some information that no longer makes this a love story, but a crazy murder mystery?


Unnatural #3 can be found at your local comic book shop today or online on the Image Comics website for $3.99

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