Giant Days #42 – Review

Created & Written by John Allison
Art by Max Sarin
Colors by Whitney Cogar
Letters by Jim Campbell

I started reading Giant Days back in 2015 when it first was released, and hugely enjoyed the series which follows Susie, Esther and Daisy as they all move into halls of residence at the University of Sheffield. The series manages to capture the British experience of going to university in a very relatable way. As a graduate of an English university myself, I haven’t seen the experience portrayed quite so accurately as this work by Allison.
But a move to Scotland meant I lost access to my local comic book shop (shout out to Gosh! Comics in London, it really is the best), and cancelled all my standing orders. But, as back to school season has started again, and I am re-entering academia once more, I had a hunkering to pick Giant Days back up.

And both so much and so little has changed for the students in Sheffield. It is now their third, and final year of studying. Susan and McGraw have moved in together, Daisy has moved back into halls of residence as an RA and Esther has somehow wangled her way into a household of nerds. So far, so Giant Days. In this issue everyone seems a little in over their heads. Esther drowns her sorrows in advent calendars, McGraw is embroiled in a relationship with an old man who needs him to do some jobs for him, and Ed’s managed to mend more than his broken ankles at physiotherapy.

The series hasn’t lost any of its flair in depicting the difficulties of navigating relationships of any kind whilst living in shared housing, and several times I sighed a big sigh of relief when I realised I do not have to live in student housing ever again! The colouring and art of Giant Days is always vivid and expressive, and the subtle colour palettes of each of the characters easily draws you into their own unique drama.

The Christmas themes are a bit surprising in this early September issue, but I assume things will culminate in a big holiday spectacular come December. You could do worse than picking this series up as an early Christmas gift!


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