The Joker Daffy Duck #1 Review

Written by Joey Cavalieri and Scott Lobdell
Pencils by Brett Booth and Luciano Vecchio
Inks by Norm Rapmund and Luciano Vecchio
Colored by Andrew Dalhouse and Luciano Vecchio

It’s time once more for DC Comic’s zany, wacky and loony comic crossover with beloved members of The Looney Toons, and in this story we get a funny and very artistically beautiful tale involving the clown prince of crime and none other than Daffy Duck himself.

The first thing that really opened my eyes when reading this issue was the standout artwork. The creative team really outdid themselves and went well beyond my expectations, and I’m truly glad to see that they didn’t settle for anything less. The Joker was colorful and expressive, while also being dark and sadistic, sporting an evil smile with rage in his eyes and perfect green curls in his hair, which all came together to create a look that I really enjoyed seeing on Mr J. If I had to guess on the three Joker scale, I’d say this is “the joker who crowbars”.

The story starts off with a fairly simple premise that brings the two characters together, Daffy makes a call to the Acme company inquiring about warranty, and after he’s unable to get a response, he decides to go to the Acme warehouse himself, but little did he know that’s where The Joker has set up his base of operation, and now it’s Duck season for Daffy.

Much like the Tom King issue of Batman and Elmer Fudd “Pway for Me” which was a break out hit last year during this crossover event, I found myself laughing so much while reading Daffy’s dialogue. Much in the same way I enjoyed how Elmer Fudd speaks, this becomes even more humorous when you take into account that Daffy is dealing with The Joker.

As funny and beautiful as this book is, it’s also an overall good story to read. The way these two characters who I never thought I’d see interact together worked so perfectly playing off each other, it brought out the inner Looney Tunes loving child in me, and it also left me wanting more from this very unlikely duo.

My favorite part of this book is that it’s so hard to pick exactly what my favorite part is. From Daffy’s bursts of rage to his quick humorous wit and unique art style, The Joker’s tormenting violence, his over the top schemes and pure look of insanity, combed in with a great exchange between Daffy Duck and Batman, this book really had so much more than what I was looking for, and I really appreciate when a book like that jumps at you out of nowhere and smashes you right in the face, just like The Jokers Crowbar.

The last eight pages of the book features a second story titled “Silence of the Lame” which also features The Joker and Daffy Duck, which takes place inside the walls of Arkham Asylum and has an art style that looks very much like it’s set within the Batman the animated series universe, with a few tweaks and differences to them. Daffy looks much more like his normal self in this story as well.

The second story is a bit less engaging than the first, but it’s also fairly comedic in its own right and has plenty of inside jokes for both Looney Tune and Batman fans, that makes it worth reading as well. I’d definitely say the first story “Why Tho Theriouth” is the true breakout story in this book, but neither is Dethpicable. Now in the words of Porky Pig

“Th-th-th-that’s all folks!”

I give The Joker Daffy Duck Special #1 a 10 out of 10

Suffering Succotash!

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