New World # 2

Writer: Ales Kot
Artist: Tradd Moore
Colors: Heather Moore

Kirby and his dad are trying to get out of town, but the state has a surprise for them in the form of an ambush courtesy of Stella Marris and Logan Maximus. However Stella has a surprise for everyone when instead of killing Kirby she joins him. Now the real hunt begins.

Kot builds upon a fantastic debut issue with this offering of two young people trying to find their place in a very crazy mixed up world. This issue let’s us see a little more insight into the character of Stella. Is she a cold calculating bounty hunter? Sure, but we see a compassionate side to Stella in this issue particularly when it comes to Kirby. We can also see that Stella is torn between Kirby and her loyalty to her grandfather and his state regime. This conflict will no doubt be one the central themes of this story as it continues. It will also add intrigue to the story as well. Will Stella stay with Kirby and fight the good fight or will she slip back into her hunter ways and serve the state? Only time and more issues will tell.

The art of this book is without a doubt the most unique art in all the books I’ve read in recent memory. Its almost a anime looking art but not quite. That’s what makes it stand out. The way the characters jump out from the pages, the great pops of color in almost every panel, it all comes together in a a great display of comic book visualization.

We can only guess the next twist and turns that’s gonna come from the author as far as our two young heroes are concerned, but whatever it is, it’s gonna be entertaining and colorful for sure.


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