Judge Dredd Under Siege #4 Review

Written by Mark Russell
Art by Max Dunbar
Colors by Jose Luis Rio
Letters by Shawn Lee

Judge Dredd Under Siege was nothing more than a stereotypical and nostalgic story for all those who love Judge Dredd. From the amounts of action, blood, quippy puns from Dredd himself, this mini series helped Dredd come back to the limelight. As I said in the review for issue no. 1, the story of Patrick Swayze Block was a simple story that felt very “Hollywood”. Which did not end up a bad thing. The story gave just enough backstory on side characters to care, and gave us everything we already love about Judge Dredd. I mean who could possibly get tired of law puns from a hardcore futuristic cop that never smiles?

The tropes of a good action story also came into play in this reintroduction to Dredd. The misunderstood villain that has good intentions but goes about it in the worst possible way. And characters from a flashback even reappeared to give closure and revenge to Tiger. Which was well done, with the sudden death of (spoiler). Both of these tropes took place immediately after each other which helped the book’s pacing for the overall story.

With the way this creative team worked on Under Siege I can only hope Toxic will be just as fun. Russell and Dunbar have worked well for the entire series, and I can’t see Dredd coming from anyone else in the near future. I can only hope that with the absence of continuity in the big two (you know, those superhero guys), Russell is able to take these characters we’ve grown to care for from Under Siege make some sort of appearance in Toxic.

You can find Judge Dredd Under Siege #4 at your local comic book shop, or online at IDWpublishing.com


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