Blackwood #4

Written by, Evan Dorkin
Art by Veronica and Andy Fish

This is the final issue in a four-part mini that is about the relationship between two characters, Grace and Howard, and their part in a group at a university. Howard and the founders of the school experimented with extending life and achieving immortality. He brought Grace to the school to aid with his research because of her ability to communicate with insects, and they kept their relationship a secret to protect Howard’s position at the school. The experiments led to some members taking advantage of their newfound immortality and other atrocities. The rest of the story is Howard’s attempt to correct the mistakes he made and the mismanagement of the lab experiments they conducted together.

The story is detailed, enchanting, action-packed, and well-paced. The story fascinates the reader through interesting character development, captivating character interactions, and a compelling premise: what would you do if you were immortal? More importantly, what would you do if you discovered that someone discovered the key to immortality, made mistakes, and then tried to correct them. The charm value for me is in the relationship between Howard and Grace. I was happy to learn that this story wasn’t just about mysticism, witches, and haunted schools, and magic spells. It’s about a relationship.

The art, panel layouts, and colors are superb throughout. The colors pop off the page in some panels, creates depth in others, and supports the haunting mysticism in others. The tone and mood of each sequence are supported by layouts that show faces and character actions authenticity and in ways, they support the movement of the story. Looking back at the run, this would make a nice collected volume in a graphic novel especially given the layouts and organized way the story is put together, which culminates in a satisfying ending.

Overall = 9

Final Impressions

This is a fast-paced story, with plenty of twists and turns that is both engaging and thought-provoking for the reader. The art is gorgeous and supports the story throughout. I highly recommend this issue, and the entire 4-part mini, to readers who enjoys relationship stories within the context of magic, mysticism, and haunted buildings.

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