A Journey into Death: Review of Euthanauts #2

Written by Tini Howard
Art by Nick Robles

Tini Howard and Nick Robles bring us another near-death experience issue of the Euthanauts. Howard and Robles give us more details about the Euthanauts and their quest. Thalia Rosewood realizes she is in one heck of a journey.

Thalia Rosewood finds out that the Euthanauts want to learn more about death through near-death experiences under Dr. Mercy Wolfe. Rosewood has visions of death and still is trying to make sense of what is happening to her. Howard does a fine job of making us feel the anxiety and wonder of Rosewood’s situation with the Euthanauts. Rosewood is curious about what they do and somewhat scared of what she might find next.

The role of the supporting characters is fleshed out in this second issue. Circle, Guillame, and Indi provide unique personalities and viewpoints for the story. Indi is in tune for the spiritualness and celebration of death. Circle and Guillame, along with Dr. Wolfe more about the exploration of death and seeking answers for the beyond. Each one helps defines Rosewood’s own fascination with death. At the core of it all, Rosewood is as much of an explorer as Wolfe when it comes to death.

The living is left with nothing, while afterlife explorers and celebrators enjoy the chance to experience death in some way. The living, in this case, is one of Wolfe’s daughter. She doesn’t inherit her mother’s work or anything for that matter. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Wolfe’s daughter pops up later in the series to oppose the Euthanauts.

Tini Howard and Nick Robles continue to wonder us with and about death. A reader’s mind should definitely be filling with inquiries of death and how we view it in our society. Howard also uses the comic as an education tool on the concept in the form of explaining wills and related terms. This helps make the comic even more enjoyable.  Euthanauts is a must read.


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