Wonder Woman #53 Review

Written by Steve Orlando
Pencils by ACO
Inks by David Lorenzo
(Pages 8 – 13) Art by Hugo Petrus
Colors by Romulo Fajardo, Jr.

The battle against Tezcatlipoca continues this issue as Diana, Artemis and Atalanta try to come up with a way to defeat the Aztec deity and save the day.

This issue is heavy on dialogue as Steve Orlando delivers a story full of what seems like endless amounts of script that ends up obscuring a lot of the great art and weighing down the story from possessing any pace. Essentially, this issue is one big fight scene but you would never really know it given how long it will take you to finish the issue.

The art in this issue has several contributors with Hugo Petrus stepping in to help complete the issue doing pages 8-13. ACO’s pencils are sublime in this issue, he has a style that you might not be accustomed to, but after a few issues you will see the beauty in his work.  David Lorenzo’s inks complement ACO’s art so well to create quite a unique look to the faces of our lead characters and its these differences that will make you like the art even more.

The colors by Romulo Fajardo are a joy to behold as he gets the opportunity to color some really explosive scenes in this issue that required a broad spectrum of colors, and Fajaro has really come through for the creative team with his exquisite palette.

Both covers for this issue are quite fetching, but I’m sure a lot more attention will be directed towards the second beach themed variant cover by Jenny Frison where Diana is featured in a sun hat, sarong and cradling a tropical cocktail. It’s another signature cover from Frison that will definitely attract the variant crowd.

The mode of this story will probably not speak to the reader that well due to the sheer amount of exposition present in the dialogue. It doesn’t mean that this is going to be a regular strategy employed by Orlando, but certainly it would be preferable if this kind of story telling could be dialed back in future issues to allow for a less intensive read.

6.5 out of 10

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