The Flash #53

Written by, Joshua Williamson
Art by, Christian Duce
Colors by, Luis Guerrero
Letters by, Steve Wands

This issue begins in the 25th century and details Commander Cold’s past.  Fast forward back to the present, Captain Cold and The Flash find Trickster and learn more about The Strength Force. Barry trusts Iris and follows her advice to work with his team. Meanwhile, Iris remembers bits and pieces from her and Barry’s forgotten past and a deja vu moment that leads her to think: Something about these Forces feels familiar.

Like most stories involving The Flash, this story moves fast covering multiple story beats and furthering the narrative. I loved the history provided concerning Captain Cold because it fills out the character and gives him depth. The art depicting Cold is gorgeous; he has one of the best costumes in the DC. The mystery surrounding The Strength Force becomes more interesting as it grows nearer to Barry.

Perhaps the most interesting story arc, for me, involves Iris and her premonitions about her past and her relationship with Barry. This book has kept the Rebirth itch scratched as it seems to be moving toward an explanation of the time lost narrative that was introduced by Rebirth two years ago.

Overall = 9

Final Impressions

The art by Duce has been a highlight of this arc; the depictions of The Trickster and Captain Cold are detailed, bright, and vibrant. The narrative moves closer to an explanation of the question: where does The Strength Force come from and how does it work? I highly recommend this issue for readers who enjoyed the first two years of Rebirth and loved Flashpoint

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