Action Comics #1002 Review

Written by Brian M. Bendis
Art by Patrick Gleason
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by Josh Read

Brian Michael Bendis has been writing Superman stories for 3 months now. His work although controversial in the beginning is slowly starting to build traction. Or so it seemed until the end of this issue. It’s clear Bendis has a plan for the Daily Planet and its employees. They’ve become a major player in this first arc Bendis is attempting to tell, and he has found a voice for Ms. Goode, Perry White, and even the newly introduced Cat Grant. It’s also apparent to how Bendis is wanting to write Clark Kent/Superman, but the traits he has developed under Bendis’ keyboard just doesn’t seem to fit the boy scout in the finished product. Clark was never the one to blow off steam in the middle of a conversation, like he did with Perry. Nor did he ever question Perry either. But with each new writer, we get a new Superman, a new Clark.

One thing I have noticed in Bendis’ writing style with Superman in this particular issue, everything that seems a bit darker in tone, happens away from Superman. Keeping Superman in the limelight. Bendis did slip in quite a few easter eggs and possibly teases for things to come in this book. It was a nice touch and made the book a bit more enjoyable to read all of Clark’s sticky notes to see if there were any major clues to events like Heroes in Crisis or even things like DC’s Black Label.

I’m not sure if there is an old script of Bendis’ that would help me understand this Lois Lane business, or if it’s just a failed attempt at a shock and awe moment. Clark hears from Cat Grant that Lois’ book has been published. Clark knew nothing of this, so he of course investigates off panel and we see him encountering a disguised Lois. This makes no sense to me. Lois and Clark have always been a unit, one was not without knowing of the other’s plans or location. Of course Bendis changed that when Lois and Jon decided to leave Earth with Jor-El during the events of the Man of Steel mini-series. Bendis I’m sure will have his explanation for Lois’ lack of communication with Clark, but it’s very unsettling for Lois to be hiding in the first place. And where is Jon? Or Jor-El?

Patrick Gleason is still and always will be a wonder to look at whenever it comes to Superman. In an odd way it reminds me of the old Superman the animated series with just a tad more detail. Bendis is getting a groove into the current Superman titles at DC but seems to be forcing his puzzle pieces in order to complete a story. With more time I hope Bendis is setting up a great Adventure for Superman and the current readers.


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