The Wild Storm #16 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils and Inks by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Brian Buccellato and Steve Buccellato

A beautiful comic arrives this week in the form of Wild Storm 16. Written by Warren Ellis and penciled by Jon Davis-Hunt, this chapter is mostly dialog, but the layouts and colors are so excellently rendered that one would think this is an action packed issue with the way it causes page turns.

Essentially three conversations take place in this issue that move the story along and shed further light on the world Ellis is building. Angie Spica meets Jenny Sparks in a mental internet, John Lynch visits a mysterious Gloria Spaulding, and Spica talks guns with Grifter. Each one of these duos reveal more of themselves, creating even more rich characterizations in the process. The Spica-Sparks discussion is telepathic internetting and gorgeous to boot. The artists panels feel almost 3D in this sequence. The blue color palette is wonderful as the pair lay the ground work for a future team-up.

When John Lynch comes upon Gloria Spaulding’s house, he is ready for violence as he has been with the last several Thunderbook ex-pats. Spaulding, however, isn’t in a killing mood. The two former IO operatives discuss their past as well as Spaulding’s future, which she decides is a disappearing act. The layout is so original and fascinating that I needed to read through this part twice. Then when Spaulding flees her home the pencil work is detailed and the colors so vibrant, I felt as if the walls around me were shaking.

There is a third, shorter sequence at the end of this issue with Grifter and Spica making plans for self-preservation in the form of guns. Spica’s engineered internal mech continues to surprise as the last couple of panels show us just how dangerous the Engineer might be in future chapters.

My praise for this series continues. What other comics often fail to accomplish because of compressed storytelling, this title excels at with a plot and a world that unfolds with each panel. Chapter 16 is getting us closer to the finale, yet I suspect this is simply an exquisite prologue.


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