Sonic The Hedgehog #8

Written by Ian Flynn
Art by Evan Stanley
Colors by Matt Herms
Letters by Shawn Lee

Sonic, Silver, and (Spoiler) fight off a small Badnik militia to retrieve information on what Neo Sonic’s plan is to get back Dr. Eggman and take over the world.

This issue was a short read and unfortunately didn’t bring much to the table other than two more characters to the awesome line up of partners for Sonic the Hedgehog. Having a friend from the future helps the cause of saving the world with one simple piece of information. Silver doesn’t exactly have a future to go back to at the moment. His future is a dead land, no people, no animals, and no machinery. This shows that as of right now, Sonic and his friends are failing, in a small matter of speaking. With new allies like (spoiler) and her determination to fight against the Badnik army it will not take long to take down Neo Sonic and keep the world at peace.

Flynn is the the only Sonic the Hedgehog writer I’ve experienced, but I can’t see anyone better for the job. For simple reading and pure fun and humor Flynn has created a voice for each character that never feels out of place. With the introduction of (spoiler), Flynn is incapable of writing this series as something that has already been done. And Stanley keeps me from wanting to put this series back in my comic box. Her art is smooth and never makes anything too complicated to keep up with. Even with so much action at the tail end of the issue, beautiful.

Every Sonic fan wants more Knuckles, so it’s exciting to see the Chaos Emerald again and looking forward to hopefully see Knuckles kick some butt against Neo Sonic in the next issue.

Sonic the Hedgehog #8 is available at your local comic shop or online at or on their app on Itunes or Google Play.


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