Aquaman #39 Review

Story by Dan Abnett and Rob Williams
Script by Dan Abnett
Pencils by Joe Bennett
Inks by Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by Adriano Lucas

Before you read this review you should know that this issue is part two of crossover story that began in Suicide Squad #45 last week. The arc is called Sink Atlantis and is a carry over story that picks up after the dramatic end to Aquaman #38 where we saw Atlantis rising to the surface because of a wish that Arthur had made while in possession of Tenth Metal in the Dark Nights Metal event by Scott Snyder.

Part 1 ended with the Suicide Squad discovering that Amanda Waller had not sent them on a mission to sink Atlantis back into the ocean, but in fact detonate a magical nuke that would most likely destroy all of Atlantis in the process.

Even though Arthur and Mera reunited last issue, Abnett’s story still focuses on keeping them apart and how Abnett wants to highlight to the reader that Arthur doesn’t want to take any focus off her coronation as he believes by being present it would lead to a circus. This choice makes the issue feel a little like Mera #6.5 but given that Mera is now Queen, it would make sense that the spotlight would be on her for that.

Abnett dedicates the rest of the story to the Suicide Squad and the crossing of paths with Arthur as he discovers what Amanda Waller has planned. There is some comedic relief during these scenes as Harley decides to do the banter on both sides of the conversation with mixed results.

In the final few pages, Abnett’s story gets a little better when Arthur reveals his motivations for keeping his distance from Mera and how he blames himself for the whole situation they’re in. The couple have it out for a bit with some really good dialogue, and it really ratchets up the story to build suspense for part three of this story that will continue in Suicide Squad #46.

The art in this issue is a dramatic change of style from the previous issue, but is more in line with the art that featured in the Suicide Squad #45. It is a more classical look, an Atlantis that we have been used to in recent history. Gone is the gloom and dark hues that were synonymous with Riccardo Federeci’s and Sunny Gho’s work.

The art in Suicide Squad for part 1 of this arc was of a higher standard, but that is not a slight on Joe Bennett and Vicente Cifuentes and Adriano Lucas, it’s just that Jose Luis is just such a talented artist that his pencil work is really beautiful. The colors do look great and vibrant at times, and that opportunity is afforded because of the nature of the story where several scenes are above the surface and not below.

This arc has been quite enjoyable so far with a premise that is quite exciting. If the script can improve a little it could be quite the sign-off for Abnett on Aquaman before Kelly Sue DeConnick takes over.

7.5 out of 10

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