Go Go Power Rangers #12 Review

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Dan Mora
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

Matt finds himself running into danger again as Kim and the rest of the gang fight off Rita’s latest creations in downtown Angel Grove.

From where the story left off last in the flashbacks of Kimberly Hart (coinless universe Kim), she fights her way to a face-to-face meeting with Lord Drakken, and learns how exactly she became his Ranger Slayer. Throughout the issue the rangers Kim, Jason, and even Matt are still dealing with the problems that arose several issues back. Jason is still dealing with his father’s sickness, Kim is dealing with everything from her universe and now taking on the hardships and repercussions of the universe Drakken sent her to. And Matt is still believing that there’s more to him always being close by when the power rangers show up.

These key obstacles have driven the story to a point that keeps this book very grounded and relatable to almost anyone. Jason is dealing with the possible loss of his father head on. Confronting his parents so that they may be able to go through it together. Kim has the rare opportunity to fix the past in order to save her future. And Matthew is finally told the truth, under the worst circumstances, but confronts his friends and gives them an ultimatum that ends the issue. This still leaves the future in the series very questionable. As predictable as it may be, him becoming a villain out of spite would be interesting. Or we just simply don’t see him anymore which would be disappointing considering how open ended his story has been.

Between all of these obstacles, the Rangers fight two of Rita’s creations and team up with the Gravezord, which aesthetically looked great, but still gave the Megazord a Digimon look. Visually speaking, Dan Mora never disappoints, he has put his staple on this series and gives this book its perfect tone.


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