Transformers Unicron #2 Review

Written by John Barber
Art by Alex Milne
Colors by Sebastian Cheng
Letters by Tom B. Long

As the Cybertronian fleet recover from their failed mission to stop Unicron, an unlikely Leader forces his hand for the safety of the Cybertronian race. Is Starscream the Leader Optimus could never be?

There are many mixed emotions throughout Cybertron as its citizens recover from their last battle. But Starscream is ready to take on Unicron head on without hesitation, ready to take command, and push Optimus Prime out of the picture in order to do so. With his own fleet ready to invade Unicrom, Starscream seems to have everything in order and seems to be doing everything exceptionally well. Until the Maximals turn the table in Unicron’s favor.

Meanwhile Bumblebee encounters visions of how to defeat Unicron, with a hefty price to pay. This book, while very beautiful in art, is very clunky and cluttered with how packed it is. Transformers Unicron is a book that is on a very wide scale of Transformers characters and involves a vast number of characters. Although seen as a negative because of how packed the story is, it’s unavoidable due to how massive this event is. This story is very much the “Ragnorak” of the Transformers. All out war, sacrifice, changes in leadership, and death.

As much as the first one felt like a true number one issue, it’s also a place where new readers can pick up and read without problem. This book took a left turn and threw a lot of content that was from, I can only assume, either prior story from the main Transformers title, or the other stories that connected to it like Rom and Optimus Prime. This story is heavily supported by the other titles of the Transformers series.

Alex Mine and Sebastian Cheng have caught my eye on this book compared to any other Transformers title due to the way they are able to make each character vibrant in their own way and pop with their corresponding color. With each transformer having their own unique look, it was never difficult to see who was talking, and the attention to detail helped us to believe the consistency with a battle damaged Optimus Prime and others from the issue prior. I never saw just a panel full of robots, I saw true detail in each autobot and decepticon.


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