The Cape: Fallen #2 Review

Created by: Joe Hill & Jason Ciaramella
Script: Jason Ciaramella
Art: Zach Howard
Colors: Nelson Daniel
Letters: Shawn Lee

This review contains spoilers.

I wanted to believe Eric could be different after coming across this group of LARPERS in his father’s old cabin, but alas that’s not true. Eric is back to his old ways in this issue and that means he is up to no good. He tried his best to fit in with the LARPERS but just couldn’t make it work. Some of them try their best to accommodate him, but some just have a bad feeling about him. And as the issue moves along, their feelings are justified when they see him flying. Once that happens, Eric does what he does best and ends their lives violently.

It was sad to see Eric unravel again because he seemed to be enjoying himself. Jason Ciaramella showed that Eric has some humanity inside of him with this issue. All the other LARPERS loved his costume, showed him how to play, and made him apart of their world. Even if it was only brief, Ciaramella showed that Eric had the potential to be a decent person. All of that flew out of the window though because when he tried to punch of the LARPERs, he just started to come apart at the seams. Eric is such a tragic character, and this issue was a perfect example of it. Ciaramella also does a good job of revisiting Eric’s childhood and shows that a certain hero his dad admired might be someone Eric is taking after as an adult, but in totally different way.

Zach Howard and Nelson Daniel crushed it again on this issue. My favorite scenes in this issue are the dream sequence Eric has with his dead wife and when he kills two of his fellow LARPERS. Howard and Daniel do an amazing of job of showing the internal struggle Eric is dealing with. The frustration and torment is written all over his face, and these artists bring it to life on the page. It wouldn’t be a good issue without a little a bit of blood splatter, and there was plenty of it. Eric usually has an MO when killing but deviates from it slightly, but it’s well worth it.

The original dream team on The Cape continues to show they still have what it takes on this title. I don’t know why I gave Eric a chance to redeem himself because I should have known he would screw up, and screw up he did. I can’t to see what he has planned for the other LARPERS because they have no idea what’s coming. This is only the second issue, so jump on and enjoy because things will only get more interesting from here.


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