Sonic The Hedgehog #7 Review

Written by Ian Flynn
Art by Adam Bryce Thomas
Letters by Corey Breen

Sonic finally gets answers as to who is behind the Dr. Eggman Robot army attacks, and it’s an old face, just not the old face Sonic was expecting.

Sonic and Tails find one of Dr. Eggman’s aircrafts that is somehow hiding from radar detection and find Dr. Eggman himself, or so it seems, until Sonic calls him out explaining how Dr. Eggman is somewhere else. (Spoiler) was only pretending to be Dr. Eggman in order to find the real Eggman’s location. And after a quick battle, Sonic sees the danger of the situation and escapes.

This issue was a quick read, and with Sonic and Tails mission initially being a recon mission for more information on the Badnik army, it seems Sonic and his friends failed this time. Ian Flynn seems to be playing a little bit of a long game with (spoiler) and seems to be the bigger threat now that Dr. Eggman for the meantime has lost his memories of who he was.

Adam Bryce Thomas on art makes this short issue worth slowing down on. Each panel seems clearer and very sleek compared to the issues prior. Each new artist that gets on this title really shows their talent in the action sequences. My only knit pick is not always having a consistent artist for the series. Showcasing the artist each issue is really fun but having one style would help establish the book a little more. Even having the artist rotate every arc would be great. Having them rotate every issue gives the book a different feeling every issue, and it does not always translate well with the how the story is going.

Overall Ian and his creative team has been hitting the ball out of the park. And has kept this book fun with a story for all ages.


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