Review of Real Science Adventures: The Nicodemus Job #1

Written by Brian Clevinger
Art by Meredith McClaren
Colored by Shan Murphy and Jones Wiedle
Lettered by Tess Stone

If you enjoy ancient history and sci-fi, then read The Nicodemus Job #1! Coming from Brian Clevinger and Meredith McClaren, The Nicodemus Job gives readers a nice little history lesson of 1095 CE Constantinople with a great introduction of the comic.

Drawing 1095 CE Constantinople

Meredith McClaren does amazing work on recreating the ancient city. She provides rich designs of the characters’ clothing and environments. Her art of the bazaars or marketplaces of the city is truly the highlight of the comic. The bazaars acted as the centers of Constantinople for various empires that ruled the city throughout its history. I am curious to know what and where McClaren researched for her art in this comic.

Setting Up the Story

Brian Clevinger provides us with a rich cast and an interesting plot. Each character has his or her unique personalities and skills that provide depth to the story set up. In this issue the storyline offers room for growth. The main character Nicolas is hired to retrieve some priceless items from Berikos who wronged him in the past. Nicolas recruits former bad guy associates for the job who also have their grievances against Berikos. A lot can go from here for the characters. Will the team work together under Nicolas? How will Berikos respond?

There are two issues that some readers might find. One is the comic lacks the sci-fi element. However, that might change in the coming issues. The other issue might be that the issue is a bit text heavy, especially when explaining the Berikos’ angle. Given that this is a part history comic, that shouldn’t be a problem. The more details the better for a history buff like me!

Speaking of details, Clevinger’s concise history lesson on Constantinople at the end of the comic is made for historians and readers who want to know more about the city.

The Nicodemus Job is a great comic for history and sci-fi fans. The story is set up well, the art is spot on, and rich characters provide the depth for the comic.


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