Doomsday Clock #6 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson

I know it feels like an eternity in between issues for Doomsday Clock, mostly because it is on a bi-monthly schedule. With that said, Doomsday Clock #6 doesn’t disappoint and leaves the reader quite satisfied with the events that take place in this issue. This issue serves as an origin story for Marionette and Mime with plenty taking place at present time as well. The back story for Marionette and Mime is the main draw for this issue, but the Joker and the Comedian are also reasons this issue shine.  Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are using the extra time to their advantage because each issue continues to impress, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next six issues. Geoff Johns showed in this issue why he continues to be one of the top writers in the comic industry and why we need to see more of his work on the stands.

Geoff Johns did a superb job telling the origin story for Marionette and Mime. These two characters have done nothing but impress since being introduced in the first issue, but it was nice to finally get to know a little about them. The story of how they became the villains they are today is tragic, but Johns tells their story very eloquently. Marionette and Mime were sweet and loving children, but all that innocence was taken away because of the dirty underworld of crime. Johns also did a great job of telling their backstory and having it go hand and hand with the present day story. Telling a story like that can be confusing at times, but Johns excelled at it in this issue. Batman was in this issue and is a complete afterthought, but he isn’t needed for this issue. It was all about the villains in this issue and Johns knows how to write his villains. From Joker, Comedian, and even the henchmen, Johns has a feel for all of their voices. Johns is amazing no doubt, but Gary Frank is no slouch when it comes to the interior artwork.

Gary Frank is at the top of his game again in this issue. Frank draws the best Joker in comics. I know it’s debatable, but he does. He has all of his mannerisms and facial expressions down to a T. The emotions just exude out of all his characters, and the reader can feel exactly how they are feeling. This is especially true during the origin story for Marionette and Mime. These two went through hell in their childhood, and it showed in their faces when they finally couldn’t take it anymore. The action sequences in this issue are just beautiful especially when the Comedian comes on the scene. I know people hate this new schedule, but I say let them take their time because it has sold at least 146,000 units each release month. Obviously Geoff Johns and Gary Frank know how to tell a story, so let them tell their story their way because we all seem to be enjoying it.


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