Britannia Lost Eagles of Rome #1

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Robert Gill
Colors: Jose Villarrubia and Diego Rodriguez

During the reign of Emperor Nero, a Roman legion is attacked in the woods of Tottenwald, Germany by barbarians. During the fight, 3 eagles, the symbol of Roman authority, are stolen. Nero looks to his detectioner Antonius Axia to find his eagles and return them. However things do not appear as cut and dry in this matter.

Well, boys and girls, this story is one heck of a mystery story. The fact that is set against the backdrop of Rome only enhances the story. Like the first Britannia book that came out a few years ago, the story combines history, mystery, twists and turns, action, and a bit of the supernatural. It has a nice story flow and characters that are both known and new characters that I’m sure will be known before all is said and done. Milligan gives us some angles to look forward to, such as a budding love interest for Antonius, and some that although not revealed yet are present in the story if only for a panel or so. I’m sure there will be many twists that will come out of left field that will make this a must have in a readers pull list.

The art and color use is almost exactly like the first Britannia book so it should be no surprise to fans of the series that the art and color use looks amazing. There is a sense of realism to the art as well as a grittiness as well that I really enjoyed. The emotions of the characters and their expressions are what really stand out as far as the art. It brings a great sense of believability to the story, and the color use is not over used in the slightest bit whatsoever.

A very good start to what is sure to be another win for this series and another win for us fans as well.

8.5 out of 10

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