Action Comics 1001 Review

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Patrick Gleason
Colors by Alejandro Sanchez
Letters by Josh Reed

The Man of Steel jumps into ACTION 1001 to take on the blazing fires of his home of Metropolis.

It’s been a little over 3 months since Action 1000 was released, and seeing the 1001 issue number brought hope that a consistent and full story was about to kick start Bendis’ run on the Action title. There were many mixed feelings about the Man of Steel series, but I wanted to stay optimistic. For a mini series, Bendis needed to use the apartment fires to connect Superman more to the general public of Metropolis. Putting him more on a ground level to most likely either humble Superman, or to just simply show the “God amongst men”. This did and I’m afraid will not work for me for this particular arc. Bendis is still finding “his” Superman and is simply showing off his powers repeatedly. Twice he had Superman explain that he can hear heartbeats to tell if someone is lying. I was afraid Superman was going to explain a third time. Clark is continuously being questioned once again about the absence of Lois and Jon, to a point that makes me question how long Clark will be able to take it. With how this issue ends, I’m sure the question will be answered sooner rather than later.

Bendis did have a good sense of humor in this issue with the robbers in the beginning of the story. It had a small hint of Superman Returns with the robbers continuously shooting Superman knowing it would do nothing. Gleason’s art on a Superman title is always a breath of fresh air, and it helped with a lot of the comedy of this issue. It gave us a glimpse of a Superman we all know and love. In the past, when he was back at Marvel, Bendis always found a way to cameo in the books he was writing. In this issue we get a surprise appearance of someone else in DC’s variety of writers, Dan Didio. This not the first time I’ve personally seen him (he also made an appearance in Plastic Man #2 two weeks ago). With the confusion of what Bendis has in store for the Action comics title, it’s good to see some fun in the little details of this book.

With the truth out of the bag on who started the fires, the story looks to be speeding up and in a good way. And although this story’s headline claims it’s a Clark Kent story, we don’t get much of the alter ego himself. It will be interesting to see how Bendis merges the apartment fires, with the gossip of Clark’s family absence and what repercussions he will face with what seems like the entire Daily Planet watching his every move.


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