The Lost City Explorers #2 Review

Written by Zack Kaplan
Art by Álvaro Sarraseca
Colored by Chris Blythe
Cover by Rafael La Torre and Marcelo Maiolo
Lettered by Troy Peteri

Issue 2 of The Lost City Explorers continues the story very well. The two siblings, Hel and Homer, were given the option to sign paperwork to receive life insurance for their Dad’s death so long as they promise to call it an accident and never sue to the company for their dad’s “death”. But they have reason to believe he may not be dead, and they want to make sure before signing anything. Unfortunately any proof they may have been able to get (his computer) was stolen from their dad’s basement. They recruit some help, along with a little bit of post relationship drama, to find out if the company really stole the computer and to find out exactly what it is on the computer that may tell them that he is still alive.

The writing from Zack Kaplan in this issue continues to be fantastic. I mentioned in my review for issue 1 that I didn’t feel like this comic was written primarily for young adults, but that it might lean that way more in future issues. After reading issue 2, I still think that it has a great appeal to teen readers but is also massively enjoyable to adult readers. We get theories on the existence of Atlantis and why their dad thought it may be under New York. The story is super interesting, and I’m definitely interested in the monsters or ghosts or whatever it is that they’ve found down there. On that note, though, I will say that I’m more curious about the monster/ghost/creepy guy story than the big company trying to hide it. So, I’m a little eager for the story to pick up and finally see them deal with what’s down there. It’s a bit reminiscent of Game of Thrones where the prologue is about the white walkers and then we don’t get back to the white walkers for another 800 books.

The art was super fitting again as well. The panel work is really interesting. There is a page where there are guys with guns coming down a flight of stairs, and the way they layer the panels to get closer to the men with guns while showing our main characters at the same time was really neat. There was one bit that I got a bit confused with though, but it may just be my lack of knowledge on how the subway system works. But they are running away from said guys with guns and Hel jumps down onto the track and then all of a sudden we were back off the track? I don’t know, that scene confused me a bit, but again, it may just be my lack of experience.

The Lost City Explorers is a book you should definitely check out. Good writing, good art. I’m extremely interested in the story in general and definitely look forward to the next issue.


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