Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #29

Written by Kyle Higgins
Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colored by Triona Farrell and Matt Herms
Cover by Jamal Campbell

Lord Drakkon’s plans have taken a hit, meanwhile the Rangers plan a rescue mission with a surprising amount of back up.

With the gathered forces of different ranger teams, Jason, Lauren, Zordon, and Commander Cruger devise a plan to save the captured rangers on Lord Drakkons Moon base.

With a common formula for the Power Ranger television show, crossing over into different teams is nothing new to the franchise. Kyle Higgins has raised the bar, giving the Rangers real consequences and mortality, showing that each hero we see has a real possibility of not making it out of this event alive. Which is something comics have done time and time again with bigger heroes but very rarely if not ever with the Power Rangers franchise.

The Go Go Power Rangers tie-in to this event has not felt like a true tie-in until this issue. To see the events of issue eleven of Go Go replicated in this issue helped the connection, and now has merit for something bigger to accrue for that timeline, hopefully causing an even bigger shake up to the Shattered Grid event.

Kyle Higgins has stated in multiple tweets before this event that he did his homework by watching and learning more about the franchise. The connective tissue Higgins has created in this series makes fans of the show pick up on great easter eggs and understand more of the story.

The artistic team is nothing short of Morphinominal for this book. One minor detail I enjoyed throughout the book was the slight color differentiation between Rangers of the same color. Andros’ red was different from Jason and Lauren. Jen’s pink was different than Karone, and the Ranger Slayer. And the beautiful splash page of “The Arrival” gave a sense of hope for the future of this event.


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