Mining for Answers: Review of Denver Moon #2

Written by Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola
Art by Branden Bendert, Aaron Lovett, and Matt Van Scoyk

The Martian robocide investigation continues in this second issue of Denver Moon. Moon finds herself in a Martian mine looking for answers on the murder and finds more than she was looking for.

Moon encounters Rafe Ranchard in the mine. Ranchard is a green pickax wielding miner and Moon investigated him in the past. Ranchard offers us a little more into Moon’s backstory, while at the same time posing a threat to her. His stoic and violent behavior towards Moon indicates how good Moon is with people.

We also get information on Moon’s talking AI gun, Smith. Smith has Moon’s grandfather’s memories, hence she feels connected to the weapon. The writers chose a unique way to flesh out a character’s emotional side for readers. Readers are shown an underlying and complicated relationship between Smith and Moon. On one hand, Moon needs Smith for everything in this case, while on the other she feels uncomfortable having the AI her deceased grandfather’s memories.

The writing expands Moon’s perception of the world around her for readers. She is critical of religion on Mars and of it in general. Moon knows and accepts a world of vice and sin. Despite all this, Moon is committed to her case and seeking the truth. She wants justice for the victims in the world she lives in, humans and robots.

The artwork for each character is spot on in this comic. From the people in the street to the miners, everyone adds to the larger story. The artwork of the characters shows the disconnect Moon has with them. At the same time, any one of the characters could be part of her investigation.

The second issue provides gives us more of Moon’s backstory and the kind of person she is. Readers will want to see how this story unfolds.

You can easily finds these book on Comixology.


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