Voltron Legendary Defender #1

Written by Mitch Iverson
Art by Rubine
Cover art by Mariko Yamashin, Missy Peña, and Keezy Young
Colors by Beni Lobel
Letters by Andworld Design

WARNING: This Review contains minor SPOILERS for Voltron Legendary Defender no. 1 and Season 4 of the Netflix series.

While the other Paladins of Voltron do everything they can to defend and protect the planet Pinto Sentos, Allura attempts to convince Do-Tarn to stay with the Coalition and aid the distressed planet.

As a fan of the Voltron Legendary Defender Netflix series, I heeded the disclaimer at the bottom of the credits that stated the story took place between seasons four and five. Rewatching season four I took in as much information. Wondering just how much this story is connected to the main plot and the war against the Galra. To some disappointment, there were only one or two details out of season four that fell into this issue. Of course, Keith is no longer with the black lion, as Shiro took his place as leader of Voltron once again. And the quick name drop from Pidge when she mentions Matt at the beginning of the issue. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I recommend watching the Netflix series before looking into it.

The story overall was a mirror image of what you would expect from an episode of the series itself. Small B-plot, the right amount of comedy, awesome Voltron action, and a somewhat happy ending. The B-plot was significant enough to tell a story about Allura as a deligate and Coran still being there for her. As well as still showing the importance of unity throughout the Galaxy with the war against the Galra.

Rubine’s art was fun to look at and just admire on its own. The larger outer space panels as well as the splash page of Voltron near the end of the book made me want to go back and reread this book. The scenery and attention to detail helped progress the story where not much dialogue was needed, especially with his very animated structure and facial features.

Voltron Legendary Defender seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix


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