Red Hood and the Outlaws #24

Written by Scott Lobdell
Pencils and Inks by Alisson Borges and Dexter Soy
Colors by Veronica Gandini
Cover by Antonio Fabela and Trevor Hairsine

Rebirth brought us a heroically impressive and humorous series of adventures with the unlikeliest of teams. The outlaw anti-hero, Jason Todd as Red Hood, the Amazonian dropout, Artemis, and the buffoon clone of Superman, Bizarro. Scott Lobdell has woven this trio into amazing stories that stole my heart as well as many of yours. We got to read creative stories, we got to see remarkable action, humor, love, and the art was always on point. One of the more notable things is Bizarro’s newly gained intellectual prowess after being resuscitated by Lex Luther with a liquid kryptonite injection to the heart. Bizarro’s genius intellect allowed him to do unimaginable things like calculate higher order physics instantly in his head, or build a gigantic invisible structure over Gotham City to serve as a base for his team in a single morning. Alas, we always knew that it was going to come to an end. Over the last few issues, we have seen Bizarro slip further and further away from this cerebral dexterity, until now… Now the time has come to say goodbye to our beloved genius. Much like Charlie from Flowers for Algernon when the serum wore off. I think it is safe to say we have our buffoon back.

This issue captures Bizarro’s fall from grace wonderfully. As Artemis deals with the self-destruct sequence of their ultra-hidden base, and as Jason Todd shoots Oswald Cobblepot in the head, Bizarro mindlessly watches super-hero cartoons in a stupor. A little past mid-issue, Bizarro has a touching moment with pup pup (his imaginary Superman plushie-doll). “I did my best, pup pup,” tears rolling down Bizarro’s face and me trying to hold back the feels.

With Artemis realizing that Bizarro is back to his old self, how will she stop their base from self-destructing and killing thousands? What will happen to Jason Todd after committing this act of murder which captured the attention of a disappointed Batman? Is Bizarro going to be ok? Most of all, will our trio survive this madness, or is this the end of Red Hood and the Outlaws? We will have to find out next time in the double-sized epic “Over and Outlaws.”


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