Detective Comics #984

Written by Bryan Edward Hill
Pencils by Miguel Mendonca
Inks by Diana E. Conesa
Colors by Adriano Lucas

This is Bryan Hill’s second issue with Detective Comics. See my last Detective review for a brief background on Hill. He has done a little in the way of comics, but lots of consulting work. So I was a little apprehensive with what he was going to bring the table for this series. I was not impressed with his first issue, but all-in-all it was not terrible and I still have hope for this Batman/Black Lightning team-up.

The first thing about this issue that I want to mention is the beginning. We get to see some sort of a black-market deal going down. The man from the last issue that murdered the ViewTube star was exchanging a bloody suitcase of money for the mask he wears now. The woman selling had a Russian accent, I picked up on it in her first dialogue bubble. This tells me right off the bat there is good writing and attention to detail. Small things like this create the comic and make it good. Bravo.

Our mystery villain still remains nameless. However, what we do know is that he can absorb power (maybe energy in general) and reflect back out in an attack. He did this to Black Lightning. We also can assume that this villain knows Batman is Bruce Wayne. He makes a comment to him: “Of all the things to remember from that night… You choose pearls.” I assume he is talking about the night his parents were killed and is quite common for Bruce to remember his mother’s pearl necklace dropping to the ground. There was also a nod to the movie Dark Knight. When Black Lightning finds out Bruce Wayne is Batman, he says, “I thought Wayne dated supermodels and crashed Ferraris.”

The issue ends on Bruce telling Jefferson the same things that the mystery villain has been saying. “They make me weaker.” So what does this mean for the Bat-Family? Find out next time in: “On the Outside part 2.”

Hill’s second issue of Detective Comics is beginning to pull me in. I am intrigued now. I want to know who this villain is. I’m racking my brain trying to put together who it could be. Perhaps we’ve seen the character before? Or maybe it’s a new character? The art so far on this run is amazing. Batman is drawn especially well. Include this in your pull for the week and I think you will enjoy it too.

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