Dead Hand #4 Review

Written By: Kyle Higgins
Art: Stephen Mooney
Color: Jordie Bellaire
Letters: Clayton Cowles


‘Harriet Martin had a problem with Authority”

What is going on in Mountain View? Kyle Higgins brilliant and compelling spy drama continues in this issue. After the issue with the hiker, Dead Hand #4 starts out with Harriet trying to establish some fun into her adolescence. She steals a car, gets drunk and crashes. Harriet mentions to Renae and Carter about the hiker being killed. This screams rebellion, often punished and over trained, Harriet just wants to have some, but doesn’t know the depths of her situation. None of the kids do.

This book does a fantastic job jumping between Vil and Ellis and Harriet, Carter and Renae. Higgins and Mooney form the perfect writer/artist team for this Spy thriller. The action and dialogue between Vil and Ellis is great. Higgins does a great job of keeping the dialogue fresh and easy to follow. I love the part when Ellis (British spy) meets with Vil (Russian Spy), their lingo/conversations are gold.

Harriet doesn’t like that her Mom and Carter are hiding information from her, she is smart and knows something is up. She ends up sneaking onto their truck and the lies begin to unravel. Carter and Renae go to the facility and check on Roger. He is flipping out because he thinks the Americans shot down his satellite. At the end, we find out that Harriet sneaks into the facility and enters a room she’s not supposed to be in. Big Mistake or Life Changing Event? Stick around for Dead Hand #5!

Art: Stephen Mooney is the perfect artist for this book. The art in book 1-4 is beautiful. His montages of Harriet growing up is perfect. Another thing that is great are Mooney’s propaganda posters. They strengthened the plot and mood as you read. Mooney’s art in this issue is beautiful to look at, he also captures their lives very well.

Overall: 8.5-10. This issue is the calm before the Nuclear Storm. Throw in the domestic element, now more people can to Renae and Harriet. The continued tease of the big threat is getting a little tiresome, hopefully issue 5 heightens the threat. Good mix of storytelling and art. This story is extremely entertaining.

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