Lowlifes # 1

Writer: Brian Buccellato
Artist: Alexis Sentenac

A cop, Richard, is shot in a car, but before that, he is dealing with the fallout of his wife being raped by a sadistic flower delivery guy. His partner wants to help, his sister in law wants to help, but all Richard wants is pure and simple…Revenge!

This is about as gritty and down and dirty story as you are gonna get. Buccellato holds nothing back in his writing of this story. It’s raw, in your face, and making no apologies whatsoever. He presents a gripping, emotional story that engages the reader from start to finish. This is the kind of story you can actually see taking place in real life. There are no superheroes, no doomsday end of the world scenarios, no out of this world experience, just a story ripped out of real life and given great depth and character by the author. To say this story is a little edgy is a complete understatement. This story has a razor sharp edge, and it will cut you deep.

The art is just as gritty as the story, and it’s beautiful. When a story and art marry in such a wonderful, symbiotic way as they have in this issue, it’s a glorious thing. It makes you glad you got into comics. Sentenac delivers a sense of realism with the art of this issue. The art doesn’t glamorize the story. No, if anything, the non glamour aspect of the art only enhances the grittiness and rawness of the story, and it’s wonderfully done.

If you haven’t checked out this title, do so now as soon as possible, because this is one title that will be added to your pull list guaranteed.

9.5 out 10

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