A Promising Martian Robocide: Review of Denver Moon #1

Written by Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola
Art by Branden Bendert, Aaron Lovett, and Matt Van Scoyk
Pencils, Inks, and Color by Aaron Lovett
Cover by Matt Hubel

When we think of murder, we usually think of humans killing each other. We don’t think of a robot getting killed. This is where Denver Moon comes in.  A tech noir robot homicide or robocide story set on Mars, Denver Moon has a lot to offer.

In this issue we are introduced to a murdered female robot escort and Denver Moon, the female private eye hired by the robot’s owner. The storyline is elegantly set up and offers room for growth. Moon at first seems laid back about the cases and those connected to it. As the issue progresses, readers observe that Moon truly cares about the murder victim. Robots to Moon are not just machines and parts, but rather actual beings with personalities and lives.

The art of the comic gives the impression of other tech noirs like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell. This is great because readers of the genre will be right at home, while casual fans or first readers will find some similarities. The character design for Denver Moon is one of my favorite parts of the comic because it is slick; yet portrays a level of mystery. Another part of the comic I enjoy is artwork of Moon’s gun. At first glance her gun seems like a regular revolver; but look closely and it has a sci-fic tone to it. Not to mention, the gun is an AI.

Tech noir fans and newcomers will want more of Denver Moon after reading this issue. Moon’s detective skills and her AI sci- fi gun add depth to the comic. We don’t get much about Moon’s backstory in this issue, but we hope to in the following issues. The exploration of the human and robot relationship on Mars through Denver Moon is something to keep an eye on. 

Overall, Denver Moon offers readers more to look forward to and sets up the storyline well for the following issues.


Check out the trailer for it!

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