Green Arrow #42 Review

Written by Mairghread Scott
Art by Matthew Clark & Sean Parsons
Colors by Jason Wright
Letters by Deron Bennett

Who are the monsters? That is the underlining question in the finale of this arc. Parasite and Green Arrow go head-to-head in the underground sewers of Stryker’s Island.

Although this arc was only two issues, this was the Green Arrow I have been waiting for since the beginning of Rebirth. The quippy comedic relief, the island survivor, and hero with a heart. DC needs to reconsider on where this creative team is going to go after this small run. I’m not saying that the Benson’s and the rest of their creative team won’t have a good run starting with next issue’s “Citizen’s Arrest”.

Mairghread made me laugh in this issue. Green Arrow’s cheesy but hilarious one-liners with Parasite was a much needed breath of fresh air, with previous arcs being so serious it was nice to see a Green Arrow I’m more familiar with. Mairghread Scott made me want Green Arrow to let Parasite go. But with that she took it a step further and showed us Oliver’s heart and put the safety of other’s before himself and let Parasite know that he needed to go back to prison. Subduing Parasite was also just a simple but realistic way for Oliver, his explanation of how it reminded him of the island and how he needed to take down large game like Parasite is something that has been missing in this book. Not that we need to be reminded that he was stranded on an island every issue, but just the explanation of how he is realistically able to take out a super villain helps wrap your head around the situation.

Matthew Clark, Sean Parson, and Jason Wright played with some cool elements of the Stryker’s Island sewers in this issue. The shadows, the damp lighting, and explosive colors of Parasite and his power set kept me engaged throughout the entire issue. Clark’s character models for Oliver, and everyone else in the issue was very consistent and clean. It’s a shame to see this creative team go after this arc, but they definitely made these issues more memorable for what Green Arrow should be.


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