Go Go Power Rangers #11

Written by Ryan Parrott
Art by Dan Mora
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Ranger Slayer is freed from Drakkon’s manipulation and is able to have some quality time away from the nightmare she’s been living for many years.

Ryan Parrott and Kyle Higgins working together in this episodic Shattered Grid Event is nothing less than flawless. The emotion Ryan Parrott has put into this book has made this series much more than your average kids show adaptation. The lines between the two series of Power Rangers, Go Go and Mighty Morphin, are truly beginning to blur. Set in a time where this version of the Power Rangers team has not met the coinless, seeing this futuristic Kimberly Hart is new to this universe but very familiar to readers, making great connective tissue for those who are following both series.

It was both satisfying and frustrating to see only a glimpse of Lord Drakkon in this issue, leaving the question of how this book will continue connecting to the Shattered Grid Event. With this series being set in the past of what we get from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title, it will be interesting to see if this version of the Power Rangers will get the chance to meet Lord Drakkon. With their future assumingely set in stone to one day meet Tommy Oliver, meeting Lord Drakkon may change the events of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a whole.

Aside from the rangers, it is still unclear to me what Parrott is wanting to do with Matthew Cook. Introduced in issue one, he has been a pretty important character being a close friend to the rangers and boyfriend/ex-boyfriend to Kimberly Hart. In issue six, Billy suggested that he quit being a ranger, and Matt be his replacement. That of course didn’t go anywhere, but Matt still loomed as an important plot device for the rest of the arc. Now with last issue as well as this one, Matt believes he is somewhat connected to the Power Rangers loosely on the idea of it’s not coincidence that the Power Rangers are always showing up around him. Now of course we know that it’s on the fact that his friends are the rangers, but the only thing I see that is left for Matthew Cook’s “big” part of the Go Go series is that he will eventually find out or be told that his closest friends are the Power Rangers.

With his work with cover art over the past few years at both DC and Marvel, Dan Mora is still the number one reason to read Go Go Power Rangers, and Raul Angulo continues to make Mora’s art pop. The fantastic art team makes each panel smooth and keeps me engaged throughout the book. The attention to detail and consistency on not just character models, but shading and proportions is extremely satisfying.


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