Wonder Woman #49 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Jesus Merino
Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

The Dark Gods War continues in this issue as Diana and Jason reunite to see if they can neutralize the threat with the main focus being on taking down King Best to limit the destruction to Earth by as much as possible. Steve Trevor features quite a bit in the issue and probably the most since James Robinson started writing on Wonder Woman, which is a definitely welcome return for such an underused character.

Robinson uses several everyday people and their daily routines in this issue to highlight the effect the Dark Gods are having on citizens all around the planet. It is interesting up to a point, but you may not be that invested given that there are bigger things going on that you would rather see. It compares similarly to the Justice League movie when we were introduced and follow a small family living in a Russian nuclear wasteland where the final battle against Steppenwolf takes place. As precious minutes tick by illustrating their plight, most informed viewers would have been in the cinema thinking about the studio mandated 2 hour running time, and how they would have rather that this time be invested into showing some of the deleted scenes that were teased in the trailers featuring the main cast. Those types of feelings will be elicited during the reading of this issue.

The art by Jesus Merino was primarily very good with no panels looking under-drawn and showing plenty of great detail. A minor complaint would be that Diana’s face is a little inconsistent throughout the book. Her face looks a little different than it does in other parts of the issue, but this just a quibble as Merino’s pencils are very good overall and maintain the high level of aesthetics that readers have come to expect reading this title during the Rebirth and Universe era.

Romulo Fajardo Jr’s colors are on point, yet again, as he produces some great color in this issue to help make the art the most pleasing thing about the issue once more. In a title that goes through regular penciller changes due to it shipping twice a month, his consistent presence and diligence is a warm comfort.

There is a cliffhanger at the end of the issue that is not really all that unexpected, and I won’t spoil it here, but this arc will be concluded next issue in the oversized anniversary issue. For those who are not enjoying the Dark Gods arc, news of its impending conclusion will come as a relief that you can jump back on with issue #51 when Steve Orlando takes over having just completed his Justice League of America series which recently concluded. For those who want more of this type of story, you should check out Justice League Dark as that may be the comic for you as Diana will feature heavily in that new title along with Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Detective Chimp and Man-Bat. Justice League Dark begins in late July penned by James Tynion IV, and some teaser art has already been released by Greg Capullo on Twitter, and it doesn’t disappoint.

This arc hit its height in the recently released Annual, but then got bogged down with too many unnecessary details, but perhaps will rise to the occasion once more for the final issue of Robinson’s run on Wonder Woman to give fans something to cheer about as he bows out.

6.5 out of 10

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