The Silencer #6

Written by, Dan Abnett
Art by, Viktor Bogdanovich
Colors by, Mike Spicer
Letters by, Tom Napolitano


The previous issue ends with Talia Al Ghul and Honore, The Silencer, meeting in a restaurant. Honore was there with her child when Talia arrived unannounced. They were attacked by gunmen in masks with automatic weapons. Talia urged Honore to join her so that she could regain a firm leadership role of the Leviathan Group; however, Honore left organized crime to have a normal life and a family, and she is unwilling to give that up for anything. Talia convinces her that she doesn’t have a choice.

The issue begins, a battle rages. Talia and Honore are under attack by gunmen; they are Leviathan killers and body-mod cyborgs. However, Honore’s mind is in two places: winning this fight and protecting her son. She prays to God to keep her son safe, that he won’t notice, that he will remain shielded from the life she doesn’t want him to know. Meanwhile, Talia and Honore argue about blame, who led the gunmen to the restaurant, and whose responsibility it remains to clean up the mess. The tensions are felt, earned, and the risks are high for The Silencer due to her child’s presence in the middle of this conflict. The art beautifully captures the graceful yet deadly clash between these formidable fighters and their numerous foes.

At the same time, Deathstroke meets with a man named “Gunn” who offers to purchase his services to kill both Talia and The Silencer so that he can rise to the top spot at the Leviathan Group. Deathstroke considers Gunn’s offer. The most compelling argument is the hope that the removal of The Silencer could restore balance given that it was her killing of a former Leviathan leader that destabilized the organization originally. Meanwhile, hoping that she has protected her son sufficiently, Honore leaves the fight with Leviathan returning home. However, she is followed by two cyborgs who have now located her home and family. The art beautifully and tragically captures the scene of Honore with her son and husband through a window reinforcing the tension and confirming Honore’s biggest fears – Leviathan has found her.

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

I love this issue and this character because the dilemmas feel earned and interesting. The Silencer’s inner monologue describes her biggest fear, that her son is safe. This drives her actions, and, it makes sense for parents. The art is beautiful: it captures the characters’ facial expressions and true emotions. The action is intentional and there are no wasted steps in this dramatic issue. I highly recommend that fans of DC pick up this book.

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