Saga #53 Review

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples

Oh. My. God. This issue had so many “gasp” moments and crazy things happen. The last few issues have kind of been in a lull, and now BAM! So many huge things happen in this issue. (Well, and the end of the last issue.) I’m still reeling from the last page, I can’t even tell you.

In this issue, things get more complicated for Sir Robot, Petrichor, and Squire… in so so so many ways. The writing on this from Vaughan was great. The first pages throw us so far off from what happens in the last pages. The set up was perfect. I went from thinking “Oh, well, shoot.. what are they going to do now?” to “Oh my god!” Well done, sir. We also had a scene that looked very familiar to the end of last issue, but with more hope to it. I really don’t like Ianthe and her whole story line. The only redeeming part of her story is having The Will as part of it. But even that version of The Will was not fun to read since he’s so weak and pitiful in those moments. Perhaps it will lead to a horrifying come back…

Fiona Staples’ art was fantastic as always. There are two panels in particular that really stood out to me. One was a shot of Ghüs’ face when he sees Doff. The emotion on his face is heartbreaking, especially with the emotional connection there is to Ghüs and Doff. It portrayed everyone’s emotions in regards to the situation, I think. The other panel is the very last page, and I don’t want to spoil anything for it, so I will be fairly vague. Between the placement of the characters and the expression on his face, I think we officially have The Will back, even if he is wearing a silly cape. I have mixed feelings about this whole thing, but that last page was just pure art with no words, and it really truly didn’t need any words.

Overall, this was a fantastic issue. I don’t feel like any time was wasted, and I can see how the previous issues led up to the events in this one. If you haven’t caught up yet, or if you wait for the trade paperback to come out, there is only one more issue before Volume 9 comes out, so definitely pick that up.


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