Multiple Man #1

Written by Matt Rosenberg
Art by Andy MacDonald
Color by Tamara Bonvillain
Letters by Travis Lanham

What seemed like your average ordinary every day X-men rescue mission, turned into a crazy and weird Doctor Who plot twist.

Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man is dead but one of his “dupes” (duplicates) survived, with the help of the new mutants and Beast at the X Mansion. Due to his permanent separation to Jamie Madrox “prime”, he is deteriorating from the inside out with no cure in sight.

Not entirely trusting Beast’s promise, Jamie steals Bishop’s time traveling device and jumps to, ten minutes ahead or so it seems.  The new mutants, Bishop, and Beast all confront Jamie to understand the situation. All while the X Mansion alarm keeps sounding off.  The intruders, that look strangely similar to Deadpool, Cable, Cloak, and Hulk all attack. With much frustration to the change in history, Jamie stops the fight to ask what is going on. The intruders answer with a crazy claim.

This first issue was a quick but fun read, which seems to be a reoccurring staple for Marvel mini series as of late. It is unfortunate that there are no details of how Jamie Madrox “prime” died, but I know Marvel simply wants me to purchase however many trades to fill in the story myself. Andy MacDonald’s art although scratchy in some areas, gives fun visuals for Multiple Man’s powers as well as the fight at the end of the issue. Hopefully Matt Rosenberg and the rest of the team can bring back some relevance to the D-list X-Man Multiple Man.


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