Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Special #1

Pet Project
Written by Jessica Quinones
Art by Joe Quinones

Written by Matt Groom & Michael Busuttil
Art by Lucas Werneck
Colors by Eleanora Bruni

The Sweetest of Dreams
Written by Magdalene Visaggio
Art by French Carlomagno

Golden Ideas
Written and art by Sina Grace
Colors by Eleanora Bruni

The Trial of Astronema
Written by Trey Moore
Art by Dajung Lee
Colors by Marcelo Costa

Each of these stories represent the evolution of the Power Rangers franchise throughout the year. Evolving with the those who grew up with the franchise on television to now in the darker tones of the comic book universe.

The first two stories Pet Project & Sealed are very playful in both story and art, almost goofy. Nostalgic in how the television series was once written. Whereas The Sweetest of Dreams and The Trial of Astronema show where the series began to dip into a more serious and darker tone.

As disappointed as I was to see this wasn’t a tie-in for the Shattered Grid event, it was a good break for a look into the events of older stories of the franchise that might show up in future continuity of the comics. Each story had its unique touch for their representative ranger franchise and stayed true to the nature of each of the series. The art of each story that dealt with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers showed a small resemblance of the previous comics of the 1990’s which helped the issue’s nostalgic factor.


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