Lumberjanes #51 Review

Written by: Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh
Art by: Dozerdraws

Lumberjanes is an all ages comic in the truest sense of the word. These are comics that are fun for kids but definitely also engaging and fun for adults. I personally pick up Lumberjanes whenever I want a little mood booster. This is possibly the only comic that has made me feel jealous that I wasn’t a Girl Scout as a kid.

Issue #51 continues the story from the previous 2 issues. A rainy day has forced the Lumberjanes to make up their own entertainment. Half of the Roanoke cabin is getting embroiled in testing a brand new board game that combines Dungeons & Dragons and Settlers of Catan. In this game emotions run high and everyone’s different competitive streaks come to the fore. The other half of the Roanoke cabin girls are still lost in an underground labyrinth of tunnels, shiny moss, and over-sized creepy crawlies.

Unfortunately as fun as these activities probably are for the Lumberjanes themselves, it doesn’t translate to a hugely compelling story. Watching other people play board games is not the most riveting stuff, and the threat of the giant insects doesn’t appear to be very immediate in this issue. In other words, the stakes are very low, and there isn’t a whole lot of character development going on. So far this story arc emulates a boring rainy Sunday locked indoors in both its writing and its art. The Lumberjanes team usually creates stories that are dynamic and fun, even when they are light on action. This issue however feels static and does little to build anticipation for the conclusion of this arc.

The end of this issue promises more excitement, but I am surprised that at 3 issues in, this slow pace in the comic is to be continued further. I have my fingers crossed for a dramatic twist, because I love spending time with the Lumberjanes. I just wish the rainy Sunday would clear up so we can go outside!


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