Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #47

Written by Robert Venditti
Pencils by Fernando Pasarin
Inks by Oclair Albert and Eber Ferreira
Colors by Tomeu Morey
Cover by Hi-Fi and Barry Kitson

This week in part four of Dark Stars Rising, we see our unlikely alliances evolve. With the looming threat of the Darkstars, the Green Lantern Corps needs all the help it can get.

We left off last issue with things getting a little hairy for our earthling Green Lanterns. First, Hector Hammond has made Hal forget who he is with some serious mind-control. Venditti portrays Hal’s struggle to reclaim his mind and sanity really well. Second, we see Guy Gardner also fighting to reclaim control over his mind. Last we saw, the Darkstars have enlisted Guy into their ranks while propagating the notion that his abusive, alcoholic father deserves death. But in all the places for a Green Lantern to have a loyal ally, Guy has one in the Yellow Lantern Corps. His name in Ark and he is going to see to it that Guy doesn’t do anything that he is going to regret. Especially when Guy is not being himself. Third, Orion comes to Kyle’s rescue. I’m not sure why exactly since the idea was that High Father was going to let them go anyway. But I’m sure we’ll find out more on that as the story develops as well as what is happening with John Stewart and Zod. They weren’t mentioned at all this issue, but I bet something really cool is in store for them. The issue ends on the Darkstars surrounding Mogo in a single file line. It’s creepy in a way and sent shivers down my spine. The end begins next time in issue #48.

All-in-all this was a great issue. Venditti doesn’t let us forget the strength of willpower, the driving force behind the Green Lanterns. There was not too much action in this issue, but you can tell big things are about to happen. The artwork is detailed, bright, and colorful. I highly recommend including this issue in your pull for the week.


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