Cyber Force #4

Written by Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins
Art by Atilio Rojo
Letters by Troy Peteri

Cyber force #4 is a visually beautiful and action packed issue, turned Terminator story.

As Aphrodite Morgan, and Carin debrief before an upcoming mission, things turn sideways with an invasion from The Accusor and Killjoy. Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins have created an immersive world with characters that you can get easily attached to and wanting more from them. Carin’s eagerness to help others and her father Morgan. Morgan’s stubborness as a leader and a father is certainly relatable, and Aphrodite’s need to be heard as a part of the team rather than just an android who is programmed. This issue seems very much centered around Morgan and Carin, but due to the secrets and plot twists of Aphrodite, the story has taken a very large turn.

Atilio Rojo’s art made this book. This book’s dark tone contradicted itself with bright colors (pinks, green, yellows, and reds) and brought this issue to life. The dramatic change in scenery with the last page was also visually refreshing. Rojo’s excellent work on facial expressions created great story telling without having to explain in character thought blocks or bubbles.

I’m very interested to see what this creative team has in store for these heroes, villains, and the real connection to The Accuser and Aphrodite in this new world of Cyber Force.


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