Sheath Comics

Sheath Comics primarily follow Ethan Cooper on his discovery of his super powers. The story and the humor are what drive this comic series, for sure. The story takes place in our real world, but other worlds collide with ours as we find out more about what Ethan’s powers are and where they came from. If you are new to this comic, I HIGHLY suggest reading past the first issue. There are some great bits in the first issue, but the story, characters, art, and premise all improve as we go along. There are definite hooks in the first issue, but I didn’t find myself truly invested until the third and fourth issues. It is absolutely understandable, as we need to get some idea of who Ethan was right before he gets his powers – an ordinary guy dealing with ordinary problems. The opening scene from issue one is pulled back in a few issues later and done really well. Instead of just repeating itself, there is a new element added that makes you wonder what his story is and how this all came to pass.

The art in spots is a bit touchy, but the dream sequences make up for it ten fold. There are some great panels in there that definitely stick out in your mind during the retrospective. Also, the characters are unique and memorable enough that you don’t get confused easily trying to figure out who is whom. That is a pet peeve of mine in regards to comics. I think this comic in particular does a good job of separating the main characters, but more importantly, adding enough difference to the random supporting characters that you don’t get lost. I don’t mind mixing art and writing review up seeing as Benjamin Worrell is the driving force behind both for a lot of it.

This is definitely a comic to check out, as I can only see things getting better and more intriguing as we go along. In issues 5 and 6, we get a lot more on Ethan’s counterparts Ella, his girlfriend, and Dan, his best friend. They have abilities all their own, even if it’s not necessarily glowy eyes type super power. I think it’s a good comic because when I stopped reading, it was like I was coming out of watching a show or movie and really felt myself pulled into the story. I am extremely interested in knowing more about these other worldy beings and what they are all about. I am also curious to see how these memories and dream sequences tie in to reality and the present. If you want to check out these comics, you can buy them online and get all the info you need at You can also support their kickstarter from that site as well. Comics like these are the reason it’s important to support independent comics, so that there is a larger variety of stories being told besides the big superhero names.

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