The Wild Storm #14 Review

Written by Warren Ellis
Pencils, Inks, and Cover by Jon Davis-Hunt
Colored by Steve Buccellato
While our “real” world is a big ol’ dystopia, the Wildstorm universe is an intergalactic bag of flaming poop. It’s the end of the world as Bendix knows it…and he is a raging lunatic. Warren Ellis’ fourteenth chapter in the simmer to boil sci-fi action comic known as Wild Storm is on the shelves again this week and what a ding-dang treat it is.
Beautiful art, amazing writing and a never-not-interesting concept chugs right along here as the opening sequence is yet another Davis-Hunt cinematic bloodbath ballet. Lucy Blaze is friggin’ cool…am I right? She is Vaderesque (replace lightsaber with pistol) as she single-handedly kills a CAT team as they attack her office at the start of this comic. Sure, this is brutal violence, but it’s presented in a way that is majestic.
Then, as if in a Cohen brothers film, we are taken to a middle of nowhere gas station/auto repair shop employing one Alexandra Fairchild (updating Alex Fairchild from Team 7 of yore). John Lynch is still out to warn his “Project Thunderbook” people about IO. One by one he is meeting up with the old gang. Fairchild is tough as nails and a singular badass. Their banter here is wonderful (also the 2nd “Challengers of the Unknown” reference, which I don’t understand but welcome) – y’all should just read this stuff out loud, it’s that good!. By the time this sequence wraps, we have a bit of backstory and a path forward by way of a big ol’ bomb.
The final pages pack a lot of characters in so here we go! Cutting to the first conversation between Henry Bendix and Miles Craven thus far as the two mighty leaders square off – in Bendix’s case shout off – bringing their two sides closer to all out war. There is a psychedelic experience with Jack Hawksmoor, Jenny Sparks, and the Doctor. Finally, and most disturbing of all, Marc Slayton from last issue confronts a Skywatch monster in the middle of a dark road…much bloodshed…the end. This is a great series and truly mind-bending creativity on display.

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