New Challengers #2

Written by Scott Snyder & Aaron Gillespie
Art by Andy Kubert
Inks by Klaus Janson
Color by Brad Anderson
Letters by Deron Bennett

In the previous issue, The Challengers were introduced one-by-one with more of a background on Trina Alvarez and the history of The Challengers of the Unknown.

In the midst of their first mission to find a mysterious item for Prof, the issue dives deeper into Moses Barber’s backstory and story of his death. The keepers of the Dark Frequency made themselves known and lure Moses into meeting to prove that they control everything. With the Challengers diving deep into the ocean, they encounter a monster, and Aquaman appears and aids them with the encounter but is stopped short by a vision of Atlantis being attacked. The Challengers leave Aquaman and continue their mission and successfully find the item they were searching for, but not without being ambushed by the keepers of the Dark Frequency. At the last possible moment, Moses was able to obtain the item and report to Prof with the rest of the team. Before Prof is able to give the Challengers any answers to their questions, he is shot dead by the original Challengers of the Unknown.

For as confusing as this series is, it’s a fun adventure murder mystery. Snyder leaves each issue with more and more questions. With these two issues showing a bit of the Challengers backstory, we can only assume that we will be getting the rest of the Challengers’ backgrounds in the issues to come. Andy Kubert’s art gave such a suspenseful tone to Moses’ story and connected well with the tone of the deep sea adventure.

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