Justice League: The Totality Part 2 Review

Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Jorge Jimenez
Colors: Alejandro Sanchez
Letters: Tom Napolitano

Spoilers ahead!

Lex Luthor can either be fairly ineffectual or one of the most cunning, deceitful individuals who has ever graces the pages of a comic book. What Scott Snyder has proven in the first two issues of The Totality is that Luthor absolutely belongs in the latter category. We get a glimpse as to what started him on this new diabolical path, and while the issue still leaves a lot of questions up in the air, it’s proving to be one thrilling ride.

I don’t think it even occurred to me that John Stewart wasn’t really in the first issue, but his presence is welcome here. I was quickly shocked to see that his presence would soon be flipped on its head due to Sinestro acquiring the power of the invisible emotion spectrum, which gives him total control over Stewart’s mind.

Meanwhile, Batman is inside Superman (yes, they make the joke you’re thinking of in the issue). But unbeknownst to everyone else, Luthor is hitching a ride inside Superman as well. Clark and J’onn are about to breach the Totality’s shield with everyone’s fate still up in the air.

This issue is a prime example of how terrifying Luthor can be when he’s playing three-dimensional chess while everyone else is sitting around sucking their thumbs.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the gorgeous artwork in this book. The covers on both issues so far have been nothing short of extraordinary. And when we get the reveal of the altered Killer Croc with an extra set of eyes and monstrous tongue, it’s truly worth the wait.

This is one series that has me hooked if nothing else just to see what the hell the baby Lex gave Grodd can do. 

Overall Score: 8/10 – Review by Mike Bedard

The second issue of the revamped Justice League is here already, and the creative team has certainly delivered by expanding on the strong start of issue #1. Lots of things were teased in the debut issue, and Scott Snyder begins turning over his cards to reveal more details about the Totality and the Legion of Doom with #2.

One of the great things about this issue is how Snyder showcases the insecurities of our heroes that for so long we have built up as being so head strong and powerful. Snyder takes the time to show us how scared Hawkgirl is about the physical changes she has gone through since the events of Metal, and then shows us how hurt Barry gets when the team does not trust enough in his control of his speed force abilities to enter the Totality.

On the flip side of this Snyder makes a point of highlighting the complete confidence the members of the Legion of Doom have in themselves as Luthor and Sinestro demonstrates their leadership qualities as they begin their recruitment drive.

There is so much going in this issue, but at the end of the day, it’s a character driven issue that explores the dynamics of these friendships and uneasy alliances as they all attempt to find a way to get what they all want.

Snyder has done well to capture the essence the characters featured in this issue while making sure to give all enough panel time. The only character that plays a background role is Aquaman, but that could easily change next issue.

One thing that is not in any doubt is that Jorge Jimenez is an artist at the top of his game right now. If you put the story aside and just look at the art after reading this issue, you will be gobsmacked. Each character’s likeness is spot on in terms of what you traditionally expect them to look like. The amount of painstaking detail Jimenez puts in to each panel is clearly evident too in this issue, and when you couple his pencils with the great color work from Alejandro Sanchez, you get a finished product that cannot be criticized in any way.

The art highlights from this issue are the double splash page featuring Killer Croc that is so badass it will give you Jurassic Park feels, the profile panels that feature Superman or Batman, and a great single page panel of John Stewart when he crashes through the roof of the Hall of Justice.

Jimenez and Sanchez work in tandem so well that this issue could be put on the shelf without any dialogue, and it will sell like gangbusters. This issue is a win for the reader and for Snyder, but DC have been here before with Justice League so the challenge will be to keep it going and to keep the reader invested.

9/10 – Review by Jason Saba

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